The N2D Method®

The N2D Method helps you make complex decisions with increased confidence. Its structured process helps you focus on the things that have most value. An evidence-based set of tools reduce bias and risk while increasing transparency and customer-centricity. Make decisions with more impact.

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Input your business objectives, the people you serve and their needs


The NeedRank™ algorithm assesses the relative value of the inputs

Needs Matrix

The Needs Matrix visualises the most important needs of the most important people

Service Scorecard

Helps you identify where to focus resources and attention


Using these outputs as a brief, generate new ideas and collate existing ones

Initiative Scorecard

A dispassionate assessment produces a clearly prioritised list of initiatives

Find out more about how the N2D Method can help your team or organisation make decisions with more impact.

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If you're a consultant, coach or agency, find out more about how you can use the Method to help your clients.

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