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I support the view that a ‘company’s value is just the sum of the decisions it makes and executes’ – as the N2D Method takes the noise out of prioritisation and decision-making with a systematic approach, I use it for my initiatives and recommend it highly.

Pauline McNulty
Coach | Advisor | Advocate

With over 20 years working for GlaxoSmithKline across a range of different sectors and geographies, and in that time having worked with the outputs from the really large consulting firms, this N2D model provides a similarly robust model and process that delivers clear and actionable outcomes at a fraction of the time and cost.

Amanda Blacklock
Founder, Blacklock Consulting

Using the N2D Method has helped us move from concept to scope quickly and easily. It has given us an evidence-based process for decision making. We’re excited to see how N2D can help us manage a prioritised backlog when we move into launch.

Matt Isherwood
Managing Director, Fuse

We use the N2D method with our clients to help them take an insight-led approach to building a compelling strategy. Its beauty is in the way it simplifies the inherently complex and seamlessly combines the art and science of strategic development.

Tim Stoller
Founder, Your Human Factors

Simplifying the complex and difficult tasks of prioritising and decision-making within organisations, is not simple, but essential… one of the reasons N2D is so powerful.

Ben Cheston
Managing Director, greyhairworks

I’m always keen to explore new tools, processes, systems to improve my knowledge and my consultant’s knowledge. I was gripped by the N2D Method. This jumpcuts projects for me and give clients the clear evidence base they need to prioritise projects.

Tiffany St James
Founder, Transmute