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The N2D Method is an algorithmic decision-making model based on jobs-to-be-done. It gives you decision-making superpowers

Brief description

The N2D Method® brings simplicity and clarity to the challenge of choosing between initiatives in complex circumstances. The Method’s algorithmic approach reduces subjectivity, noise and bias. N2D helps teams to identify and agree on shared priorities and make faster, more efficient decisions. You can use the tools to prioritise the needs, or jobs-to-be-done, of the people most important to you. No more guesswork; no more false starts; no more dead ends.

Problem it solves

Making decisions in business is difficult. In large teams, this gets more complicated and projects and initiatives often suffer from inertia as people can’t agree on what to do next, or there are too many ideas and they lack a clear way to prioritise. Sometimes, they just don’t know the most valuable problem to solve. The N2D Method helps consultants, agencies and innovators to analyse opportunities through a variety of lenses and combat inertia by providing clarity on which things should be prioritised.

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Phil Dearson

Phil started designing the N2D Method in the early noughties while working in strategy at some of the first digital agencies. He was amazed at the difficulty companies had getting things done because the people involved didn’t have a clear set of shared priorities. His early prototypes, involving hideously complicated spreadsheets, attempted to visualise how serving customer needs helped to achieve business objectives, or not. Sometime later, he discovered Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking Fast and Slow” and, via Clay Christensen, the jobs-to-be-done theory. Their insights into behavioural economics and innovation inspired Phil to turn his clunky spreadsheets into the fully-fledged algorithmic decision-making model the N2D Method is today.

He’s worked with lots of household names: 3, Apple, Artemis Fund Managers, Aviva, British Heart Foundation, Coca-Cola, Coors Brewers, UK Department of Health, Diageo, Disney, Dr Martens, FCUK, Foot Locker, Guinness, HM Revenue & Customs, IBM, Investec Asset Management, Levi’s, Liberty Specialty Markets, Lloyds Banking Group, McDonald’s, UK Ministry of Defence, National Lottery Promotions Unit, Nestlé/Cereal Partners, Nike, O2, Philip Morris International, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / PlayStation, Vodafone, Volkswagen, William Grant & Sons… and more

In a previous life, Phil studied performing arts at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama where he snagged an opera scholarship and advanced certification in stage combat from the British Society of Fight Directors.

Jessica Gregson

Jess met Phil about 15 years before she joined him to work on the N2D Method. They both worked in a well respected London communications agency that was starting to adopt digital practices. Over the following decade, Jess’s career naturally gravitated towards technology.

Some years later, as MD of a tech business, working on increasingly complex projects for clients, Jess was looking for a way of ensuring the consulting part of their work was reliable, repeatable and efficient. She remembered a discussion, in the pub, with Phil about his methodology and asked if he would work with them to try it out. After numerous successful projects and a relatively impromptu conversion on a rainy Tuesday afternoon in Manchester, the pair decided to use their complementary skills to make the N2D Method into the product it is now.

Over the last 20 years, Jess has worked with large organisations including Sony, WWF-UK, Levi’s, the BBC, Chubb, Microsoft, Mondelez, Diageo, Discovery, Tesco and Unilever in addition to public sector organisations. She is a Non-Executive Director & Board Advisor to a handful of international businesses.

When Jess is not helping practitioners across the world master their use of the N2D Method she can be found skippering her boat on the inland waterways around London or running around the beach at home in Suffolk after their two rescue dogs Nellie & Iskar.


Many platforms in the decision support realm are focused on either artificial intelligence or automating decisions from live data. Many of these could work hand in hand with the Method. The N2D Method is an assistant to human ingenuity, not a replacement. It does not decide for the user, it assists you in making better decisions.

While it is not easy to find direct competitors to the Method, some platforms cover elements of what the Method does (although they do not have the unique algorithm).

Airfocus is focused solely on product innovation but does include some scoring systems and prioritisation tools that could be used in similar circumstances to the Method. In truth, both systems are complementary to each other.

Platforms like Loomio provide a space to discuss decisions and agree on shared priorities but do not include a process to help you to overcome the problems of noise and bias.


Roadmap and future plans

Our initial attention was on European practitioners of the Method, but now there is growing interest in Australia, China and the USA. Because serving customer needs (JTBD) is at the heart of our product, we’ll develop our systems and support around serving the needs of practitioners. In the short term, we plan to provide more options for visualising results and for integration with other systems.


The N2D Method has just under 200 practitioners globally at the moment, they include independent consultants and larger network agencies.

Phil and Jess have spoken about the Method for audiences around the world, with respected partners such as Where To Play, CoMatch and the Unternehmertum in Germany and Digital Leaders in the UK.