Ultimately, a company’s value is just the sum of the decisions it makes and executes. Bain & Company, 2010

I believe that’s not only true for organisations but also for us as individuals. Where we are right now is largely due to the decisions we’ve made in the past. Where we end up in the future will be largely due to the decisions we’re going to make, individually and collectively.

The madness

That’s a huge responsibility. Our decisions create the future. But in our increasingly VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) it’s really hard. Many of the decisions we make, individually or in a group, will be in response to external factors we have hardly any control over. Decision “quality” is also influenced by our personal cognitive biases and the noise associated with being a human being. When we work in groups, the madness is multiplied.

The methods

I’m curious about the various methods people use to manage the madness. That’s what this newsletter is all about. I explore tools and techniques across a pretty broad spectrum:

  • tools for thought and personal knowledge management
  • business frameworks and models
  • experience and service design techniques
  • heuristics or “rules of thumb”
  • decision science and behavioural economics
  • automation – personal and at scale
  • research – qual and quant
  • jobs-to-be-done and customer experience
  • pattern recognition – from the obvious to the occult