We just published some much-requested changes to improve the experience of working with the scorecards. Remember, you can see the public roadmap here if you’re interested in seeing what’s coming up. Do feel free to make suggestions.

Initiative Scorecard

The left-hand column is now fixed in place, making it sooooo much easier to use when you’re evaluating initiatives. Previously it was easy to get lost and rather confusing. You can also drag the column out so that it’s easier to see the full text of an initiative while you’re working on it.

We also have the ability to delete initiatives. Just pop into Card View and delete the ones no longer needed.

Service Scorecard

You can now see the blended weightings for each JTBD in the Service Scorecard, in the same way that you’re used to seeing them in the Initiative Scorecard. This hopefully makes it easier to understand why opportunity scores are higher for some JTBD than others.