The N2D Method helps you to answer three important questions

What are the most important needs of the most important people?

Where are our biggest opportunities?

Which specific things should we prioritise?

Case Studies

Hear directly from N2D Method practitioners. How are they using it? What do they think the benefits are? Steal their tips and tricks.

Sam is a senior strategist with a unique blend of experience gathered over 15 years. He talks about how he used the N2D Method on a digital transformation project for a charity.

Tom Downing and Rohini Chohan from the digital product studio Freestyle, talk about their experience with the N2D Method.

Tim Stoller, the Founder of Your Human Factors, Strategy Lead for The Brand Launchers and charity trustee, talks about his experience with the N2D Method.

What sort of problems can the N2D Method help you solve?

Often the problems N2D solves are confidential in nature. Here are some of the challenges it has been applied to recently, for enterprises, consultants and agencies:

How do we create the right brief with our client? (Independent Consultancy)

How do we set our new pitch win relationship on the right track? (Major UK agency)

How do I help my client untangle a complex and fast-moving set of priorities? (Transformation Consultant)

How do we make sure we’re answering the right question? (Pitch Intermediary)

How do we design and scope an MVP for our new product? (International Agency Group)

How do we decide what to prioritise in our backlog? (UK Charity)

How do we ensure we design with our users and business needs balanced? (DesignOps team, UK Agency)

How do we create a simple IA for our new product website? (UK Agency)

How do we streamline our multi-million-pound transformation initiatives to cut 25% resource? (Global Insurer)

How can we validate our £500K IT Strategy to reduce risk? (Group of Higher Education Colleges)

How do we define the future of our organisation? (Global Insurer)

How do we spend £1,000,000 on Digital Transformation? (UK Government Department)

How do we decide where to target innovation efforts? (Major UK Enterprise)

How do we prioritise R&D spend? (Major Health Insurer)

How do we develop a new communications strategy for our practice? (National Architect Practice)

How do we determine priorities for our new global communications strategy? (Global Trade Body)

The N2D Method tools may be used in numerous ways to solve a wide variety of problems. Here are a few short videos explaining some popular use cases.