The N2D Method gives you decision-making superpowers

Use the N2D Method algorithmic decision-making model to help you:

  1. Reveal important needs
  2. Discover valuable opportunities
  3. Confidently prioritise next steps

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N2D is fundamental to helping us frame the most important customer, their needs, that if met help our clients achieve their important business objectives. We use it to prioritise CX roadmaps, product scope/features, and internal initiatives to grow our own business.

Tom Downing
Strategy Director, Freestyle

With over 20 years working for GlaxoSmithKline across a range of different sectors and geographies, and in that time having worked with the outputs from the really large consulting firms, this N2D model provides a similarly robust model and process that delivers clear and actionable outcomes at a fraction of the time and cost.

Amanda Blacklock
Founder, Blacklock Consulting

The N2D Method is a real gem. Intuitive to use with powerful visualisations, it translates complex sets of (normally) uncategorised data into a clear path of action based on quantitative requirements.

Jeffrey Roberts
Director, Alchemmy

For my needs, it’s a combination of its versatility and robust rigour I like most. I find it suitable for loads of different use cases, and I sometimes think of it as a “strategy buddy” – a tool/model I can use to help organise my own thinking and approach around different scenarios.

Dan Gregson
CSO, Electroheads

It offers a simple way to boil down the important factors in strategic decision-making and give an objective view of the different viewpoints of the business and the customer in order to facilitate decision-making.

David Rogerson
Principal Consultant, Foolproof

Such a refreshing way to help clients understand what’s important to their customers. Provides much-needed impartiality. Helps clients get to decisions speedily and understand why the results are what they are. Simple to walk through with clients. Clear outputs.

James Matthews
Digital Experience Director, Krow Group